A Breath Taking Balcony Garden Ideas

Diy Balcony Garden Decor

Balcony Garden Ideas –  Balcony garden can be a resting place and escape even if not more than 5 feet 8 feet. For those who live in condominiums or apartments, this is probably the only place you have to garden. The trick to making a balcony garden takes a breath in planning. Depending on of course whether you have a wall or wrought iron fence around your balcony will make a difference in the container you will use.

Let’s start with the basics. Your balcony will not be a place to entertain because you don’t have a room. But you will be able to adjust the bench or chair so you can sit outside and enjoy your garden. The idea is to grow as much as possible in a small space. But first you have to decide what you want to grow. Do you want lots of flowering plants and some leaves or do you think of vegetables. Maybe you want a spice garden for your cooking needs. This is a decision that you must make. You cannot have all choices. The location of your balcony will partly determine what you can grow.

If you live on the north side of the building, chances are you will use plants that will grow in the part that is exposed to the sun. Traditionally the north side of the building receives the least amount of sun. The west side is good because it gets afternoon sun and has plenty of sun for plants that need full sun but may not be suitable for plants that like shade conditions. The south side of the building is usually bright and can be hotter because of continuous sun exposure.