Achieving The Great Backyard Landscape Design

Small Backyard Landscape Ideas

Backyard landscape design includes elements as diverse as topiaries or statues. Advance preparation based on the drainage of your yard, path to direct sunlight. Respect to the wind and the use of existing vegetation has an impact on how successful you manage. That is to transform your landscape from the idea to reality.

Greek statuary is an option if you want a dramatic backyard landscaping scheme. The cost of the statuary has dropped to levels where now it does not have to be rich to incorporate it in your landscaping projects. If you drop in the price range, make a statue of yourself, your love or your children. Surround the statue with support or place it inside a gazebo for a truly artistic landscaping statement.

Remember the scene of “Encounters in the third phase,” when the character of Richard Dreyfuss’ creates his homemade version of the Devil’s Tower and is inspired? If you possess the artistic ability, recreate the Devil’s Tower, or Mt. Rushmore or the Great Pyramid of Cheops in stone, wood, plaster and slats or blocks of cement or glass. If you do not have the ability to do it yourself, hire a starving artist to make your landscape a miniature version of an existing piece of landscaping design famous from around the world.