Balcony Vegetable Garden That I Can Grow

Urban Balcony Garden

Balcony vegetable garden is not a luxury that only people with the land. Most vegetables that start gardeners plants in their yards are ideal as container vegetables. A small filtered balcony with a few flower boxes can provide you with a reparable salad garden. If you will fit a plant stand or two, we expect a generous harvest in your balcony garden.

Topping the list of gardening favorites is tomatoes, peppers, and aubergines, which do well in containers. For tomatoes, choose certain varieties, preferably those that do not grow more than 4 feet tall. Most tomatoes and aborigines as space, so a container of 3 to 5 gallons per plant is ideal. Peppers can be grown in 12-inch pots that they hold on a gallon of soil. Grow cherry tomatoes and grapes in 8-inch diameter pots or hanging baskets. Any of these plants benefit from a cage or stake in the planter, with the exception of hanging basket tomatoes.

An important factor for fruit vegetable plants is pollination. Researched in areas they usually house plants of natural pollinators such as wind, insects, and birds. Hand-pollinate the plants by swabbing them inside open flowers with a dry and soft makeup brush. Alternately, gently whisper the stems but vigorously create the vibration that could be created naturally.