Beach House Landscaping Ideas

Beach Landscape Pictures

The relaxed atmosphere and the sound of the surf make a beach house landscaping ideas a refuge and escape to family and friends. Entertaining is the norm when you have a beach house, so outdoor areas must have attractive areas for dining and gathering. Where the beach house is located, the landscape limits ideas to plants. Choose the plants that grow well in your area of the country.

The beach living for beach house landscaping ideas is by its nature easy-care. And the beach style landscaping should include research for plants that require a minimum of care. Make patio and other hardscape areas easy to clean with a single sink with a hose. Meanwhile, softscapes are the living, horticultural elements of your landscape design. For a beach house landscape, curved beds give the property a relaxed, relaxed feel yet keep plants neat, according to the University of Florida gardener Gail Hansen.

Vertical lines of tree plantings for beach cottage landscape ideas should break up long, horizontal structures of the house and provide shade to outdoor living areas. Bedding shapes can be added to break up large, uninteresting expanses. Use mulch and gravel instead of lawn grass for easy maintenance and low water usage. Lawn areas, if desired, use native grasses or lower maintenance grasses suitable for the region of the country. Use shapes and textures of plants like arborvitae and ferns to add interest.