Best Teak Outdoor Furniture Material Alternatives

Used Teak Patio Furniture

Teak Outdoor Furniture – For centuries, teak wood has been the preferred material for furniture and accessories. That is to be left outdoors and exposed to the elements. Even though teak is a perfect wood for patio furniture, it is falling out of favor with some owners because it is usually harvested in an ecologically unsound manner. So homeowners can consider alternatives to teak wood for outdoor furniture and accessories.

Teak is a hardwood tree that grows in rainforest climates. Because the tree has evolved to survive the harsh heat and humidity of the rainforest, the wood is virtually rot proof. In addition, the straight, near grain teak wood is ideal for furniture. Teak wood is ideal for furniture, but the tree is very slow growing, making it difficult to manage a forest by planting new trees to supply future demand.

The best alternative is teak plantation raised teak. Elevated teak plantation has all the properties of teak with none of the damage to the environment. Dutch settlers planted the teak plantations on the island of Java as early as 1816. Today, these plantations are owned and operated by the Indonesian government to ensure a long-term supply of teak wood. The Pacific coast of Mexico also has teak plantations. Sustainable, raised teak plantation is expensive, so other woods are used today for outdoor furniture.