Building Steps Of DIY Awnings For Decks

Wood Deck Cover

Creating DIY awnings for decks is a simple project that provides aesthetics and protection from the sun near windows and doors. Get inspired for your do-it-yourself awning read local houses and coffee shops that feature a wide variety of awnings. Plan your project for a day with a temperate climate to guarantee the optional working conditions. Before starting your DIY awning, clear a large workspace near your desired awning area.

Use a tape measure to record the dimensions of your desired awning location. Buy canvas fabric for your awning with your measurements. Sew hems on each edge of the canvas with a sewing machine and a nylon thread. Place a buttonhole in the four corners of the canvas. Measure the distance between the two eyelets on each side of your canvas. Mark the distance of the eyelet for each side.

Fit the wood siding to the wall with the electric drill. Place the key rings and their corresponding hooks in each buttonhole has been installed on the canvas. Spread to the canvas on the floor of your desired location to determine the location of your support canes. Erect each pole firmly on the ground. You can dig into the 6-inch holes in the ground. Tie two pieces of rope for each post near the buttonhole. Arrange a rope at a 90-degree angle to the pole and allow the second rope to hang. Adjust the tension of each hanging rope to achieve the desired visual effect of your awning.