Cottage Backyard Of Garden Landscape Ideas

Small Garden Landscape

Unlike the front yard garden landscape ideas, which must follow the rules of the neighborhood of aesthetics, the backyard opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the homeowner. Whether it’s a wild and whimsical cottage garden that suits your fantasy or a simple plant layout with natural walking trails, the backyard is the place to let your imagination run wild.

Cottage garden started as just that – a garden around a small cottage. Many of the villagers were poor and everything that is grown in the garden had a purpose. Most of them had an herb garden near the kitchen door for easy access and an efficient system for growing vegetables. The beautiful garden style cottage that eventually emerged. That was the result of the operations of the plant and the inhabitants of the cottage. Also the discovery of the flowering properties of many common herbs.

While English-style gardens were typically small-scale gardens, they have become more of a garden item. Currently, time and can be reproduced regardless of the size of the area. To create a garden effect to think of soft pastel colors and climbing roses as “new dawn”. A new dawn is a climbing rose that is classified as a walker. Soft pink clusters of fragrant roses bloom profusely throughout the year, and can easily cover a wall. The addition of other old garden cottage favorites such as mauves, roses, sweet pea, and other ancient heritage roses such as “Sally Holmes” will complete the garden’s image of the cottage.