Create A Perfect Concrete Landscape Edging

Border Edging Outdoor

When we talk about a concrete landscape edging, we mean the delimitation between the massif and the lawn.  A natural border uses the existing edge of the bed of the flower bed to create a perfect line between the plant beds and the lawns.  Most professionally designed landscaping consists of a series with well-defined areas, especially for plantations. The use of quality landscaping borders accentuates each flower bed, emphasizing its shape with clear, crisp lines, while facilitating landscaping maintenance tasks.

From a utility point of view, landscaping edges prevent grass from spreading in your flowerbeds and preventing soil, cobble and mulch from spreading on the lawn. Once the type of border selected, comes the moment to determine the use of its borders. Do we want a long implementation? Curves? What do we want to put behind? Depending on the answers, the process of creating garden borders is not the same according to Thomas Guillot.

When we put garden borders, it’s quite simple because they often have stakes and sink easily. Stakes are placed every two meters by pushing them 20 – 30 cm into the ground. For masonry borders, a small trench must be created to create foundations. 20 – 40 cm of concrete are needed. If you go beyond, it is better to call a professional.