Create A Pleasant Atmosphere Diy Landscape Lighting

Blue Led Diy Landscape Lighting

Diy landscape lighting – What aesthetic approach to highlight his garden? With the equipment available today, the possibilities are endless. Two main principles must nevertheless be observed. The first: to avoid lighting too much. To create a pleasant atmosphere, it is better to keep some areas of shadow. In a garden of 50 m2, two to three luminous points arranged in well-defined angles can amply suffice.

Second rule: direct the spots towards the frame and not towards the places of passage or the neighborhood, under penalty of dazzling the inhabitants. Otherwise, everyone is free to choose the elements of the decor to highlight: a beautiful massif, a flowerbed, a corner adorned with a gazebo … Some species are however difficult to value. Beeches require very powerful projectors. On the other hand, trees with long or curved leaves.

Are there safety standards to be respected? The intervention of a professional is, in general, required. Unless the user uses only very low voltage safety lamps (SELV, 12 volts). And already has an external socket to connect the system. Another priority is to buy compliant lamps that can withstand bad weather. As well as a transformer with the appropriate power, calculated according to the desired number of light points …