Decorate Bookshelves Outdoor Shelves Patio

Teak Wall Shelves

While outdoor shelves patio for book are functional furniture that allows you to store your books in a neat and organized way, they are also part of your home decor. Rather than just shoving they full of books and leaving it on, you can create a look that complements the style of the room they are in.


Clean your best shelves completely and start from scratch. An empty shelf is always the best and lets your creativity flow. Leaving the shelves as they are can hinder your creative vision as you show your shelves as they always have been. Do not fill in too many books. Stand some on their ends to create a horizontal row and place others on top of each other to create a vertical stack.

Leave spaces between your books. Rather than leave a space at the end of each shelf, leave a space in the middle of a shelf, on the right of another and on the left on another. Choose a window box or oblong planter to sit on each bookshelf. Fill it with plants or flowers that will grow well in the amount of available light in the room. Choose poinsettias for a bright, holiday look; marigolds to bring outdoors inside; or ivy or vines that will grow and dip down the ends of your outdoor shelves.