Decorating The Small Balcony Privacy Screen

Privacy Canvases For Balconies

Balcony Privacy Screen – A balcony is generally seen as a good feature to have in an apartment. If you have a concrete or wooden platform next to other dozens of balconies, however, you may feel like you can not use the space. The creation of a comfortable area in view of all its neighbors against the purpose of having space outdoors. Decorate a small screen and place it between you and your neighbors to decorate your balcony, while blocking the view from the neighborhood.

Cut the fabric from the center of the panels of a folding screen. Measure the width and height of the inside of the panel part openings. Add 2 inches to each measurement. Cut the panels of vinyl lace tablecloths in the dimensions shown after measuring the panel openings.  Place the screen on the floor with the back side facing up. Center a strip of vinyl lace over the first opening of the panel. Staple the lace to the structure, working a line of staples all around the opening of the panel. Discontinuous of the other two pieces of vinyl lace to the other two pieces of the panel.

Place the screen face up with the front side towards you. Place artificial vines over the top and sides of the display panels. Discontinuous vines in place, hiding the staples in the foliage. Wind strands of twinkling lights in the foliage, starting at the bottom of the screen. Place the screen on the balcony near an electrical outlet.