Distinct Desert Landscape Design

Desert Ideas Yard

Create a desert landscape design by planting drought tolerant plants in the landscape. With a myriad of plants and flowers to choose from, the landscape animates with color and texture. Emulate the feel of the natural desert by incorporating desert colors throughout; deep, bright red oranges seen in flowering cactuses, or a winding stone path, can help create a desert theme. Add a personal touch using your own expensive outdoor accessories.

Extend outdoor living and dining with a pergola. Nestled along a desert path or garden, outdoor structures like a pergola have an open roof that lets you admire the scenery in the evening. Adding a vine in bloom on the pergola helps in the shade of space, ideal hot, dry landscape of the desert. River rocks are ideal stones for pergola edging to evoke the feeling of the desert.

Each rock is distinct and printed with its own texture and patterns of water wash on its surface. Rock earth tones also help to hide debris and outdoor spills. Create a winding path through the desert landscape to connect the areas of the house together. Desert paths will slow you down to admire the view or nearby flowers that bloom. To create your own path and feel of walking through the desert, throw in crushed granite or pebbles.