Elements Of The Modern Garden Borders

Timber Garden Edging Ideas

Modern Garden Borders – Classic wooden benches, tables with garden umbrellas and terracotta pots never go out of style. But, you can update these garden elements to give them a modern look. Modern gardens show an elegant, stylized and organized effect while still offering all the comforts of outdoor living. While modern garden details share some design elements, there are no rules, use your imagination, select modern colors and materials and have fun.

Modern garden details, whether pots, nest boxes or picnic tables, center on lines and shapes, especially clean, sharp lines and geometric shapes, such as rectangles, circles, and triangles. For example, instead of putting a typical picnic table in your garden, choose one with interesting wavy patterns for the tabletops. Instead of choosing a pot or fountain with an intricate, fussy design, choose one with straight sides and no decoration.

Metal salvaged wood and scrap, durable plastic concrete and bright paint, all play important roles in modern details. Discarded barbecue bins turned into garden planters when painted bright Mediterranean blue or orange. Steel plow discs are converted into baths when welded to metal pipes. Give any garden accent a new coat of paint in a bright color for an instant update. Popular modern colors include purple, red, pink, yellow and blue.