Entrance Side Flowerpots Symmetrical Front Yard Landscape Ideas

Front Yard Design

When designing the front yard landscape of your front garden, they take signals from the style and architecture of your home. If your house has a formal and majestic environment, such as a colonial style, your landscape must also be formal and orderly. A symmetrical front yard landscape design is ideal.

As it provides a clean and structured look that adapts very well to the architecture. You can customize a symmetrical front yard design to suit your preferences and the scale of your home. How about entrance-side flowerpots? The addition of color to the main entrance of your house highlights the area and makes it more inviting for guests. Place pots on each side of your entrance steps to incorporate color and texture.

To maintain the symmetrical appearance, use the same type of flowers on each side. Keep the colors consistent, like this, and ensure that the screens are all of the same height. Depending on the size of your home, it is possible to opt for a large pot on each side of the landing front yard landscaping plans. Or create groups of two to three small pots on each side. Consider placing a pot at the ends of all the steps for a step effect.