Fancy Garden Fence Panels

8 Ft Tall Privacy Fence

Fancy garden fence panels – From simple partition to decorative object there is only one step! Often neglected , the fence plays a decisive role in the garden . Well maintained and properly decorated, it becomes an asset to bluff neighbors and guests. Dressed in black, the palisade modernizes an old exterior while pimped recycled pallets , it fits perfectly in a decor retrieval. The time of graying sidings and unsightly fences is now over, now is the time for stylish fences.

This is the idea that will be the simplest to achieve because it requires almost no work . To create a fence in pallets of recovery, it will be necessary to put them on the same ground to create the demarcation. This technique will work well if you have a flat and regular floor (a concrete slab for example) and a short length.

In other cases, it will be necessary to add poles sealed in the ground and come to fix the pallets on it. So, they will not move. You can use the pallets as is or customize them : by painting them, by cutting the ends of the planks … You can also disassemble and rearrange them to increase the number of boards and make them blackout … You also have the choice to use them vertically or horizontally .