Favorite Garden Landscape Design

Cozy Garden Landscape Design

Depending on the available space, create a garden landscape design theme for your front yard island. Ideas include a wildflower garden with poppies, cone flowers and cornflowers, a monochromatic garden in your favorite color or a rose garden with a variety of full headed flowers combined with tea roses and hybrids. Combining eternal favorites with annual plants for an explosion of color on the island.

Intermingle shrubs, grasses and shrubs for texture among the flowers. Whether you choose to do a large garden bed or several smaller ones, a front garden is an ideal way to show off your gardening skills. Another idea is a koi pond. A rustic slate or flagstone path leads to the pond surrounded by lilies and hostas. Or, build the ground to create a cascading waterfall, which can flow into a small pond decorated with water lilies.

A sculptural piece surrounded by a selection of grasses is a statement in and of itself. Consider metal abstract art made from a material such as copper, which will age well and take on a visually interesting patina as the seasons pass. Shop around for welding artisans if you want a custom design. Or you want to add a statue, a sculpture or even a design made from rock. Artistic pieces will add character and greet your guests as they get closer to your front door.