Good Idea Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Cozy Outdoor Lounge

The good idea to create a pretty garden, easily: invest in outdoor lounge furniture and fresh and colorful accessories. Anise green chairs, fuchsia pink table, turquoise blue umbrella … We do not hesitate to mix the acid colors! Especially since these are marrying wonderfully with the lush green vegetation. In addition, they bring punch and cheerfulness, even to a very small garden … Enjoy!

Another good idea to create a pretty garden: invite some vegetable squares here and there on the lawn. With their plantations of different colors and their note of authentic wood, they give character to the garden! The easy trick to create a decorative garden to perfection: customize its earthen pots. Geometric prints, polka dots, stylized drawings … All you need are some smart markers and a little imagination to transform them!

A detail, lighting? Surely not! A fortiori for the garden, nature and authentic area par excellence. For a beautiful decorative effect, we choose discrete lighting, blending into the decor in complete harmony. The good idea: the rocks with leds. With their mineral look, they fit into the garden without difficulty.  To bring a beautiful decorative note to your garden, also invite in the pots and plantations some silhouettes of animals to be clipped or stung in the ground. An easy trick that makes its small effect…