Greatest Outdoor Patio Designs Ever

Small Backyard Patio Ideas

The best outdoor patio designs promote good ideas, in general terms and encompass ambiance, solid elements and wise plant options. The structure of an outdoor space needs the planning of furniture, lighting, food preparation spaces, water sources, and plants. Take the time initially to measure the space and outline the area. Make a list of the aesthetics of the design that you like: include the shape, size, color, fragrance, texture, and style preferred as contemporary, southwest or bungalows.

A living room or outdoor dining room allows the interior of the house to expand. Consider an eight-sided pavilion with dining set as the focal point of a garden patio. Create an outdoor living room anchored by a jute, sisal or seagrass rug, with a sofa and a chair in all kinds of weather cloth. Canvas curtains or a pergola can help define the space and provide shade.

Lighting creates an outdoor environment. Threaded lights on trees options include flickering, globe or string lights, in different sizes. Look for lights that are solar powered. Place candles in the holders or lamps on the tables. Add music in the form of an outdoor sound system or a portable CD player. A large television screen mounted above a bar or in the outdoor living room brings a sporting event to the outdoor stands. On cold nights, provide warmth with a fireplace, fire pit, fireplace or portable outdoor heater. If privacy or an ugly view is a concern, hang a curtain or plant a privacy fence or trellis. Good plants for this task include bougainvillea or luster.