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Horizontal Deck Railing Designs – There are some important aspects of deck settlement, and if stains are used anywhere on your deck project, wood staining is one of them. Good stains will help protect your damage and humidity, and when properly treated, it will greatly increase the life span and appearance of your sun bed. There are various types of stains, and the main divisions that are whether the product penetrates the wood, or attaches it to topically like paint.

My preference is sharp, but of course, there are pros and cons for each. For example, translucent stains will be more difficult to remove if you choose to change the pigment, but offer a much better sticking to the wood than the topical type. When smearing the stain, the first consideration is its own wooden condition. It should be dry for proper adhesion, regardless of the type of stain used. Ideally, wood water content should be no more than ten percent, and a little bit better.

We recommend using a moisture meter to check. Wooden and dried wood will save labor and material in the long run. I recommend a good plan that includes buying dry wood stocks for immediate use, or regulating wet timber storage and then drying it with water. General rules for air drying are one-year thickness per inch. Use a “sticker,” a square or rectangular stick with at least one inch thickness placed at the right angle for the deck and every three or four feet apart, and keep the weather away from there.