How To Build A Landscape Retaining Walls

How To Build A Retaining Wall On A Slope With Cinder Blocks

Landscape Retaining Walls –  I will discuss here the ins and outs of landscape retaining walls of various materials. In many areas, building permits are needed to keep the walls checked with the local building department before starting work. In my municipality only more than 48 “high walls need permission but it’s best to check anywhere. There are many types of wall hangers available today. Stone, railroad connections, pressure connections that are processed, bricks, keys such as stones, bricks, and so on.

Different types require a slightly different installation method but all have some similar basic concepts. You have to start with a strong solid ground underneath. Do not try to build on land, wet soil or other soft and elastic soil materials. Your wall will only move with the earth and damage you from time to time. If you are dealing with soil or soft soil, it is necessary to dig and move the soil to one or two feet below the surface of the ground, placement of sub-base material is good, compaction and then build your wall on it.

A good subbasis will give you a retaining wall that looks good with little care. In my area, walls with a height of less than 4 ‘are considered landscape objects. More than 4 inches, the building department wants permission and paintings. Check with them before you build your wall. Some levels of retaining walls can create a nice garden space. Seating areas and flower gardens can also be made this way.