How To Grow Apartment Balcony Garden

Urban Gardening Book

Apartment Balcony Garden – Even a balcony of the standard size apartment has room to grow a garden. Your task is to optimize this space to enjoy a pleasant garden, giving it a touch of nature in a dense space. You can place your containers in Dollys so you can move on the balcony.

Plan your garden to take advantage of the balcony exhibit. A balcony facing east can grow smaller vegetables like radishes, flowers, and herbs. Take your notebook to the daycare. Read planting instructions on the labels or ask the nursery worker to determine how many plants you should start within each container for each type of vehicle. Leave the starter plants to stand for 24 hours in their nursery containers to allow them to recover from handling. During that time, fill your growing containers half to two thirds full of soil pots.

Place in the soil pot with a trowel and transplant the starter plants according to the package or nursery guidelines. Cut a hole in the bottom of cubes slightly larger than the root ball of the tomato or cucumber plant. Push the root ball through the opening so that the plant emerges from the bottom of the bucket. Fill the bucket with stuffed soil as you would normally. Hang the bucket by its suspension from the upper railing or near the edge of the balcony roof.