How To Hang The Outdoor Patio Shades

Patio Shades Ideas

Made with lightweight fabrics, including muslin and mosquito nets, outdoor patio shades add a decorative touch to your outdoor spaces. If the walls in your patio have been tilted, traditional curtain rod supports can be used, as they are only suitable for flat walls. Using some creativity, you can hang the curtains outdoors, keeping the clean look of a curtain rod. Use the patio curtains to create your own private outside space.

Mark two points on the roof or roof patio above the sloping wall, indicating the location of your curtain supports. Measure the distance between the two points. Drill through each point about 1 inch into the ceiling. Slide a plastic screw anchor into each hole, then a sturdy screw hook in each. Measure the section of the airport cable that is the same length as the distance between the hooks, then add 6 inches to your measurement. Unscrew the bottom of a rope clip, the cable through the bottom screw, return to the piece. Unscrew a second rope clip and the opposite end of the wire through the thread, but leave the bottom open.

Place the closed rope clip on the screw hook on the left side of the wall. Place the patio curtains to the cable by sliding the eyelets over the cable. Slide the open rope clip over the second hook. Pull the cable gently on the other side of the clamp until the cable is even across the hooks without any sagging. Cut the excess wire with a wire cutter or knife. The curtains come down, blocking the sloping wall of the patio behind the fabric.