How To Install Landscape Edging Look Beautiful

Decorative Metal Landscape Edging

How to install landscape edging? Considering the border styles to choose for your landscaping, we usually use four options: natural, aluminum, concrete and plastic. The work can be done by hand using a shovel or a half-moon. Natural edges should be clean several times a year to maintain their shape. Beware of shapes, straight lines must be traced with a rope to make sure to be straight and curves redrawn.

It takes a certain dexterity, time and patience to make beautiful natural outlines. Because the shapes of flower beds can be easily modify by digging a new edge. A professional edge, the aluminum edge offers an ideal advantage due to its strength, durability and also flexibility. It subtly accentuates the contours of flowerbeds with clean and fine lines. It will not rot or become fragile in cold weather, resists movement of the soil, resists regular maintenance with its thickness and uniform weight, its maintenance is minimal.

The precast concrete borders can harmonize with your other materials with colors and also textures (walls, pavers …). The concrete border is the most expensive edge option, for a minimum of $ 14-25 / ft. As they require a compact foundation. As an almost permanent option, concrete curbs cannot be easily move if you want to change the shape of your flower beds.