How To Organize Outdoor Patio Storage

Original Outdoor Storage

Too often, a shed ends up packed with debris and becomes just deterioration for many homeowners. Adding more outdoor patio storage capacity and organizing available to work for your needs the space makes the shed an asset. Before you begin, try to make a list of all objects stored in the shed. Make some notes on how the objects can be stored better, with accessibility, efficiency and space saving in mind.


Don’t go overboard spending a fortune on fancy wall elements for storage. In many cases, a simple nail in the wall will hold what is needed, and patio storage can be made from scrap wood that you already have. If you want a work area in the shed, decide where the workbench will be. The area next to a window provides much needed light. Book this space so it won’t get crowded with stored tools. If the lighting is poor, hang a fluorescent store light from the ceiling. Sufficient lighting makes it easier to organize the shed and find things later.

On a sunny day, pull everything out of the shed except for the few points that have already been hung up or stored properly. You want to put as many things as possible in related groups when stored. This makes later retrieval easier. Place patio storage between open studs to keep chemicals and colors. Use small items of wood for this. Install larger shelves using L-brackets. If the space is limited, place these on the upper head. Do not make it more complicated than needed, if you do not want to spend a lot of money. A row of nails can hold a lot of simple things.