How To Paint Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

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Budget-conscious refurbishes often choose to paint their outdoor kitchen cabinet rather than go for expenses and inconveniences to replace them. A cheap-and-happy set of new kitchen cabinets can easily and you can end up wearing solid wood cabinets just to replace them with chipboard. The cost of paint?


Determine newspapers or drop cloths to protect the floor and other furniture nearby. Make sure rags and other supplies are handy. Empty outdoor kitchen cabinet. Use a screwdriver to remove cabinet doors and all hardware. Remove shelves and drawers. Choose a hidden place on each box and door and the mark where it belongs to remove the guesswork from putting your kitchen back together after the painting is finished.

Scrape any loose paint outside the surfaces you are painting, using a color scraper. Clean all surfaces you will be painting. Your method depends on how dirty the outdoor kitchen cabinet is. Basic cleaning agents will work for relatively clean cabinets, but you may want to use a stronger detergent, such as tri-sodium phosphate. TSP is a strong chemical; Make sure you take precautions that wear rubber gloves and goggles. When the cabinets are clean, wash them well with water and allow them to dry completely. Fill all nicks and dents with a non-shrinking putty. Sand all surfaces you should paint, including the areas you repaired with putty.