How To Screened Outdoor Patio Ideas

Outdoor Patio Designs With Umbrela

A screened porch adds valuable outdoor patio ideas space to a home. Bugs stay out, but the wind and outdoor feel come in. A guarded remodeling project updates space to suit your lifestyle and design preferences. Whether your Guarded is damaged or simply needs a new look, remodeling it will renew your outdoor living space.


Decide how much you want to spend and keep that price in mind when choosing materials and design elements for the porch. Assess the current layout of the screened outdoor patio. Note the features you want about the space and the things you would like to change. Inspect the screens surrounding the porch. Look for damage and wear and replace any screens that are in poor condition. This keeps the insects out and the porch looks nice. Update floors. Wooden floors are common in screened porches and they often need repair.

Replace any floorboards that are damaged and paint or stain and finish the floor if it shows signs of wear. Install a new floor if the existing floor is severely damaged. Paint walls, ceilings and posts in a color that suits the interior. A nature-inspired color would work well; looking like a porch is an outdoor space. Add a fireplace. A vent less cooker is relatively easy to install and provides heat on cool days. This extends the use of the porch. Choose furniture, considering how you use the area. A dining room that allows you to enjoy meals outside without bugs. If you amuse often include plenty of seating for guests.