How To Sketch Rubber Landscape Edging

Nice Rubber Landscape Timbers

You do not need an art degree to sketch rubber landscape edging. Use some simple tips and some practice to create a very acceptable sketch. Using techniques such as finding an interesting point of view, discovering light and shadow. Creating perspective and highlighting an interesting focal point will help you successfully sketch the landscape.


To sketch rubber landscape edging, find a large outdoor physical or photo scene of a scene that you want to sketch. Decide on the viewpoint, or view from where you will sketch. Try different views until you find an attractive way to see the scene. Look at the scene as if it were a photograph and decide which part of the big outdoor scene you are sketching. Use your thumb and forefinger to help you form a box and look through it to help you make those decisions composition.

Whether on site or looking at a photograph, locating the light source in the landscape scene. Study shadows and lighter areas. Sketch these areas of shadow and light carefully to give your scene depth. Create shadows with texture lines such as cross bars or simply by creating dark sketched areas. Lighter areas in the scene require easier contact with the pen. Begin your landscape sketch by placing the horizon line. Look carefully at the composition and the way you have chosen to portray it. Notice the contour lines in the ground, vegetation or buildings on the horizon line. Sketch your horizon line easily, take all these considerations.