Ideas For The Landscape Around Trees

What To Do With Tree Roots Above Ground

Landscape Around Trees – Landscaping bare soil under a tree can provide visual improvement, but it can cost the tree of your life if done incorrectly. Some trees, including maples (Acer spp.), Which are hardy in zones United States Department of Agriculture Frost 3 to 9, depending on the variety, produce dense thickets shallow roots that do not compete well with plants. Some other trees, such as northern black walnut (Juglans Hindsii), hardy in USDA zones 7 to 9, make the toxic soil for other plants. You can still landscape attractively beneath these trees without the addition of vegetation.

Tree roots grow mostly in the first 12 to 18 inches of soil. So sowing and incorporating soil amendments is best done by hand. The grass is not a good choice in most trees, as it deprives tree roots of moisture and nutrients, and mowing with roots or near tree trunks can damage them. If you want vegetation under your tree, start by preparing the soil. Cover all existing grass with two sheets of damp newspaper to suffocate it. The newspaper can be removed or left to decompose naturally in its place after the grass dries. If you want to add the plants after killing the grass, then work a layer of 2 inches thick compost on the best 3 to 6 inches of soil carefully by hand.