Ideas Of Landscape Design For Front Yards

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas In Low Maintenance

When planning a landscape design for front yards, do not limit your imagination to a dull extension and high lawn maintenance. Numerous strategies are available to liven up your patio. Depending on the design you adopt, your new patio can offer additional benefits in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables, or you could reduce your water bills by half.

To minimize your water consumption, adopt a xeriscaping plan for your front yard. Xeriscaping is a gardening strategy that aims to consume the smallest amount of irrigation possible. In dry areas, xeriscaping causes most of the scarce rainfall. To give your front yard a xeriscaped treatment, replace the lawn with a lawn composed entirely of the resistant plant cover. Break the green spaces with various landscaping materials, such as gravel, slabs or a wide hall of tiles.

Instead of filling your garden with grass and perhaps some flower beds, let space serve a practical function. With a little ingenuity, create a landscape that combines productive vegetables and fruits with purely decorative elements, such as flowers and herbs. For example, the corn and bean guide plants to add vertical elements to the patio. Balance them with large containers that carry lettuce, rosemary, pumpkin, and favorite low-growing vegetables. Look for unusual varieties, such as white or yellow heirloom tomatoes, to introduce more color into the landscape. Mix the plantations with lush evergreens, grasses, and ornamental shrubs to create interest, even when the vehicles are not in season.