Ideas Of Outdoor Patio String Lights

Good String Lights Deck Ideas

Outdoor patio string lights – Adding a festive air to any outdoor occasion is easy with homemade patio chain lights. These lights do not need to be crafted to pass over your dining table or along a patio lane. Anyone can make an attractive chain of the patio of lights to create the atmosphere without saving much expense or time.

Homemade outdoor patio string lights, measure the length of the area you want to run the string lights along. This measurement will tell you how many lights cables you need. Count the number of light bulbs in each strand and multiply it by the number of strands you have. This is the number of flashlights you will have to perform. Cut the wrapping paper into 41/2 inch squares. You will need a square per flashlight. Be sure to cut each square as straight as possible to make the lanterns will be clean.

Place a square of cigarette paper in front of you on a flat surface. Turn the square to form a diamond. Open the diamond shape, keeping the corner flat up. Fold the two side corners in the middle fold. Crumple the new folds abruptly. Put your finger under the two side flaps and around the paper around your finger. The superposition of one of the lateral fins on the other. Put a small drop of glue under the overlay. Hang the strings of lights in the desired place using small pieces of twine.