In Ground Elements Of Pool Landscape Ideas

What To Plant Around A Pool With Salt Water

The in-ground pool landscape ideas provide a form of outdoor recreation in a home. The space around the pool has a lot of potentials. From providing a place for holding barbecues to a refuge area to relax among tropical plants and flowers. Use your personal tastes and style when designing the landscape around the pool on the floor.

Anyone in the pool floor requires unsightly features such as pool pumps and maintenance equipment. Use your landscaping to camouflage these objects. The planting of tall hedges or ornamental herbs around the pump or the construction of a brick or stone wall that harmonizes with your pool work well. Add additional water features to the pool to play a role in the landscape. If you are going to sit outside and enjoy the sound of the water, add a fountain to the side or inside the pool. Waterfalls, birdbaths and frogs’ ponds can also function as sources of water around a pool.

Try mixing the landscape around the pool on the ground with the area around your house. Use colors and textures that match the style found in other parts of your yard for continuity. A vital safety feature of any ground pool on a fence. Many areas require this landscaping element and have specific regulations. Check with your local government before installing any fence. It is still possible to have an attractive and stylish fence that suits the requirements. The wrought iron adds a sophisticated element to the landscape where the wood can add a rustic touch.