Installing Outdoor Patio Tiles Over Concrete

Wonderful Outdoor Patio Tiles Concrete

Outdoor patio tiles over concrete – The installation of tiles on the concrete requires a little more work than applying it on a concrete cement slab. Where it is not uniform or cracked concrete, it is necessary to prepare the surface for the application of slabs. Otherwise, your new tile floor is susceptible to cracking in the same location as the existing concrete floor. The tile also crack in the expansion joints in the concrete slab. With a little work you can install the tile on uneven or cracked concrete.

Scrape the cement floor with a hoe to remove any residue that sits on the concrete. Sweep the floor. Mark the high or low points on the concrete floor. Use a clear 2-by-4 piece of wood to slide all over the ground on its narrow edge. Search and the differences between the floor and the bottom of the board. This will indicate a low area in the concrete. Mark with an “L” wherever the problem exists. Use a permanent marker for this step.

Pour into a compound of self-leveling concrete patches at the low points. Follow the detailed instructions on the label of the application package. This opens the low points so that the floor will become the level. Composite leveling is available at your local sawmill. Let the compound level dry.