Is Iron Balcony Railing Need Electrical Ground?

Balcony Railing Design Steel

Balcony Railing – Earthing connects an appliance or surface to the ground. This provides a safe channel to discharge the electricity. In the event of a sudden overload or burst of current that would otherwise cause damage and fire. While many of the electrical devices in your home are based, you probably do not need to worry about the common grounding of metal objects, such as an iron railing.

Iron balcony railings can provide a quaint look to your home. And while they are made of conductive metal, they should not worry about lightning. Grounding the handrail itself is an unnecessary project. Forms of lightning due to an ionic connection between the clouds and an object below. Metal can attract rays because it is more driver, but there is an even more important factor: height. Your roof or trees will typically be affected by lightning first, not your protected area, under a balcony.

Other factors of maintaining electric current become a problem with iron balcony railings. For example, grounding protects the circuits from damage, but the guardrail is not connected to any wiring or circuits inside your house. This does not mean that lightning will be harmless. But, the common hazards of lightning do not always apply to a simple section of iron railing placed in the concrete.