Look At The Design Of Front Landscape Ideas

Beautiful Front Landscape

Plant a garden on your front landscape ideas to complement existing gardens. The island is an opportunity to experiment with different garden styles, sculptural elements, water features and structures. Look at the design of your house as well as existing gardens for what you want to supplement or contrast. Whether you choose to keep it minimal or go over the top, the island front will create a dramatic centerpiece for your home.

Add a structural element to the island with the help of a pergola, gazebo, trellis and benches. This centers a pergola on the island via a small patio of paving stones. Add a bistro table with two chairs for an intimate escape garden. Install solar light functions around the pergola for night time enjoyment. For a smaller island, design a pair of trellising and install them in a visually appealing pattern. Train vines such as clematis, sweet pea and morning glory to climb the structures.

Build a gazebo or a few benches to make the most of a view of your garden, waterfront or mountain landscape. A fountain is a grand water feature to add to the island from a circular driveway. This centers the fountain with due regard to symmetry. For example, the fountain can be placed best in front of the front door, or it could work best centered on the view from the approaching driveway.