Minimum Balcony Railing Height

Balcony Railing Wooden

Minimum balcony railing height, such as reference standards? Are there rules governing the minimum height of the parapets? And if so, what should it be and when should they be respected? We have a national reference standard which is represented by the dmn 236/89. And those indicated in the local building regulations. Let’s start from DM 236/89; it applies to all buildings (public and private) built later and to those even earlier than those subject to renovation.

In this case, as stated in the same DM 236, for restructuring interventions it is necessary to understand “those aimed at transforming the building organisms through a systematic set of works that can lead to a building organization in whole or in part different from the previous”. As if to say: if it is necessary to intervene on the balconies, for example by replacing the balcony railing. This replacement must comply with the rules dictated by the dmn 236.

The ministerial decree provides for both the definition of the height of the parapet and the minimum height include balcony railing ideas that must be respected. The height of the parapet, reads in the art. 8 of the dm, is that “distance measured vertically from the upper edge of the element that limits the view (cover, lower crosspiece, casing, eventual handrail or railing) to the walking surface” (art. 8.0.1.).