Modular Outdoor Kitchen, Look What Ideas!

L Modular Outdoor Kitchen

Fixed or mobile modular outdoor kitchen? Consider whether the outdoor kitchen must be fixed or mobile. The advantage of making it fixed is that it is easier to get water, storage, etc. The advantage of making it mobile is that it becomes more flexible. Remember to take drains to the water into consideration. Should a small stone machine be built, or can the water run into a drain at the terrace?

The work table is the most important. It must be large enough for a proper kettle board and the raw materials to be cooked. It must be made of materials that are easy to clean, and it should preferably be able to stand outside in wind and wind. The optimum is a stainless steel, granite or tile surface due to its robustness, but an ok solution can easily be a wooden board if you have the opportunity to cover it.

The flare should be used to cook potatoes, vegetables or pasta – all that is not to be grilled. The optimum is outdoor kitchens with a built-in gas burner in the worktop. An ok solution is a single gas burner or an electric hob. They can be purchased, but you can also find them used. Remember to set the fire extinguished when not in use. You probably already have the grill, but it is also built into several solutions.