New Ideas Landscape Timber Edging

DIY Landscape Timber Edging

To help you conceive your garden according to your desires by proposing new ideas with landscape timber edging. A plan and a 3D image will help you design your space and imagine your new haven. Our two landscape architect will be able to propose you new ideas and will help you to choose the materials adapted to your use and which will be integrated as well as possible in your exteriors.

Small masonry, creating terraces, paving, paving, laying curbs, installing stairs or creating walls are all elements of creation. We not only make new developments but we also renovate or modify existing developments. Landscaping with a warm climate may include xeriscays of drought-resistant plants such as cacti, herbs and yucca in a designated bed.

Use a ground cover of crushed stone, and frame it with beige sandstone landscape border. Protect the tree roots of the mower with an ornamental tree ring. You can also add a suitable mulch inside the tree to help retain moisture in the soil. Choose a brick or stone color that complements the exterior of the house or its trim, or match the rest of the garden layout. To find more ideas on the style of landscape timber edging and their decoration, see our gallery of images below!