Outdoor Kitchen DIY Ideas

Awesome Outdoor Grill Island Kits

Outdoor kitchen diy with table comes in handy for grilling and other outdoor family events. They should be large enough to accommodate more people and must endure the elements of nature. Treated wood is often used for picnic tables and other outdoor tables, but cedar is preferred when it comes to outdoor dining. Cedar has a pleasant natural scent and is durable enough for outdoor use.


Lay two 28-inch discs flat and parallel. Space them 23 inches apart. Screw a 30-inch board perpendicular to the 28-inch discs so that the 30-inch edge is flush with the ends of the 4-by-4 boards. Screw the last 30-inch board on the other two 28-inch discs in the same way. The 2-by-6 boards will support your tabletop. Stand both sets of 4-by-4-inch boards upright so the 30-inch discs are parallel and 27 inches apart. Screw your 36 inch discs perpendicular to the 30-inch edges of the two-by-six-inch discs. The 36-inch discs should be parallel and spaced a ½ inch apart.

Screw one of your 2-by-8-inch discs to the 4-by-4-inch discs, so the 36-inch edge is flush with the table top. Screw the last two-of-8-inch board onto the opposite side in the same way. Apply the stain to your project and allow drying according to the instructions.