Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Small Spaces With Comfort!

Buil A Small Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchen ideas for small spaces – Cooking on the grill, barbecue or griddle outdoors, gives another taste to the food. The recipes seem tastier, we spend more time at the table, enjoy the environment around us, the conversations are prolonged and the time seems to be slowed down …  Have the opportunity to cook without going back and forth in the home is an undeniable advantage when the weather is nice.

Being able to continue talking with family or friends while cooking, washing the salad and preparing dishes is just perfect! When you have everything on hand, eating outside rhymes with comfort! A small corner in the garden is enough. The preparation corner is in a kind of open house while the barbecue. And the stone oven are inside the bar. The designer of this outdoor kitchen has exploite the space by offering a rustic and practical kitchen in which we would spend our summer evenings.

The use of wood is put forward. From the terrace that hosts the outdoor kitchen to the family wooden table in dark aquamarine green tones embellish with chairs of industrial type. We remain on a decoration that favors noble materials. A sophisticate natural stone kitchen set in a resolutely tropical setting. With banana trees as a backdrop, who does not dream? In any case, we fall in love!