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Outdoor Kitchen Lighting – The idea of ​​outdoor kitchen is becoming increasingly popular as more and more people learn how comfortable and enjoyable to have an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchen can reach and good investment for your home. All you need is a little space and little creativity to have a kitchen out of your dreams. The most common design styles include the base islands, “U” islands and “L” shaped islands. What you put on a kitchen island is up to you. Some outdoor kitchen ideas for the base island will include grills, sinks and small work space. It’s enough to cook lightly occasionally.

The “U” shaped island may have space for grills, sinks, storage space, and work space. Due to its compact shape, it will  load in a small courtyard and allows you to visit guests while you cook. The “L” islands tend to be larger, giving more room for food preparation. The grill can be placed beside the short “L” while the older side may contain sink, refrigerator, storage, and other accessories.

If you decide on the island, more decisions must be made. You can make it specific to you, or you can use a pre-fabricated island. Customizing your outdoor kitchen can make you more luxurious with granite, slate or other unique materials. Pre-manufacturing islands are cheaper and have multiple configurations and final solutions. Make sure you choose the materials that fit your climate. Now that you have chosen your design, you must choose your equipment! Grill or smoker is a must. You must decide whether you want to make gas or charcoal, and the type that best suits your budget.