Outdoor Patio Kitchen To Enjoy The Summer

Ice Chest For Outdoor Kitchen

Do you already have a barbecue or a lunch in your garden, and you love to receive your loved ones in the summer? Why not take the next step and convert your patio into a real outdoor patio kitchen? This trend confirms the affection of the French for outdoor activities, especially cooking and the friendly meal in the grass. But with an outdoor kitchen, it is far from the picnic on the tablecloth.

Sink, oven, worktop, storage space, sometimes even refrigerator and integrated fryer, the equipment is complete and the comfort as important as in a traditional kitchen. The cooker is, however, most often replaced by a barbecue, lunch, a wood oven or any other outdoor cooking method.

In terms of design, as in a traditional kitchen. All tastes are allowed: wood, new or old stone, brick, stainless steel, etc. However, we will check that the material can withstand the weather. If the kitchen is not protect by a covered terrace or a pergola. A large table and chairs will complete the layout. Finally, some important points are to be expected: a good surface to develop (about ten square meters at least), a water supply if the kitchen comprises a sink, and an electrical connection for the household appliances and the lighting if necessary.