Pleasant Exterior Decorative Fence Panels For Gardens

Decorative Fence Ideas Black

Decorative fence panels for gardens – They are a support for our cherished plants, a separation with the neighbor’s dog or a way to gain privacy in the garden … In short, fences are essential for a pleasant exterior. Yet, of these essential palisades we do not make much case, leaving them to crumble over the years. Now, sublimated by a quantity of plants, a layer of colored paint, accessories or adapted lighting, they can metamorphose.

In summer, it’s time to pamper the garden fences! To begin, here is the idea that I prefer! Of course, one can use straight and regular branches placed horizontally and locked between poles, but if this is easy to achieve, it is not extraordinary aesthetically speaking. I much prefer the idea of using curved, irregular, zigzagging strips … The natural effect is indisputable!

In this case, two possibilities are available to you. Put the branches horizontally and come nail them to posts fix in the ground and spaced of maximum 2m. Or, create a frame with planks and come stall branches vertically in it. It requires a little more work but it combines the natural side of the branch and the effect of robustness of the frame.