Project Of Balcony Decor For Apartment

Home Balcony Decoration

The exterior spaces of the house, such as those of the balcony decor or a terrace, represent a unique opportunity to carve out an angle in the domestic space to devote to relaxation in the open air. And so in this article of ideas was having collected the best tips to furnish the balcony of an apartment of our outdoor furniture experts. Whether large or small, turning your balcony into a beautiful and welcoming place will be easier.

A project to furnish the balcony of an apartment that introduces recycled materials like the jars can transformed into pots for plants. A bright paint with lines of color to alternate on the surfaces, and old cans can become a decorative element that joins the eclecticism of the choices for garden furniture. A yellow metal low table and a rattan chair covered with a very warm blanket, flowers and plants on simple wooden shelves, to furnish the balcony decor ideas of an apartment with simple and stylish touches.

Another project to furnish the balcony of an apartment by integrating natural elements and furnishing accessories in a lively and intimate configuration at the same time. At the center, the soft seat resting on the large fabric rug, ideal complement to the wooden floor. The structure of the vases at the bottom houses the LED lights, with the garden fireplace to introduce a combination that allows you to take advantage of the balcony even at night. Flowers and plants in colorful colors complete this project to furnish the home balcony decoration of an apartment in a lively and functional way.