Repairing Miter Line Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Outdoor Granite Countertop Installation

Outdoor kitchen countertops damaged is a serious problem, but the good news is that it is usually repaired. When the counter is built at a 90-degree angle and the wall is substantially square, you need to adjust the headband, which is handled in the same way as a repair. Repairing the miter is a bit more work than cutting the ends for length, and it takes patience and skill to perform this task.


Squeeze a straight edge at the top of the disk where you want the new miter. The straight edge must be wide enough to clamp without being in the way of the router base. Set your router deep so that the roller bearing of bit slides along the straight edge and cuts completely through the worktop. Turn on the router and run it along the straight edge as far as it will allow. Front inch routing of the worktop requires special care. Identify which direction slightly turns and drives routers so that the blade turns into the top and does not lift, fray or damage the surface.

Remove the clamps and sand the rest of the miter line that could not be routed. Use a belt grinder with an 80 grit sanding belt. It is important to keep the band slip positioned at 90 degrees so that the two miters fits together tightly. As long as the upper part of the miter is straight, the bottom can be chamfered slightly. Use a sanding block when you have ground as close as you can to the line without over grinding.