Rules Of The Deck Railing Ideas Wood

Wood Deck Railing Designs

Deck railing ideas wood can be rustic or regal, constructed of roughly carved wood or hand carved of solid stone. Despite differences in styles and materials, railings all serve the common purpose of keeping the porch falling or falling down the stairs. If you are adding a cover or installing steps, you want the railing to complement your sense of style, but you must also comply with building codes and other safety codes.

Local building codes differ slightly, but, in general, the standard height for the top of a railing is 34 to 38 inches. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) suggests 36 inches as the best height of handrails; If you are building a railing for public use, choose this height. A well-placed handrail height prevents accidental falls, with comfortable support for those who need the balance rail or to walk safely.

Bars spaced too far apart are a recipe for disaster. Your local building inspector could carry a 4-inch ball to test the space between bars. If the ball passes between the bars at any time, you may have to reshape the handrail, place the bars closer together again. Maximum separation is usually 3-3 / 4 inches to prevent small children from sliding between the bars and falling.