Save A Redwood Deck Images

20 Foot Pressure Treated Deck Boards

Redwood deck images – Tear down your disheveled redwood deck and start over from scratch is a difficult and expensive job. You can save a small fortune by taking the time to renovate your old deck. After a few days and the application of a little effort, he was left with a red wooden cover that looks like it has recently been installed. Firstly, remove dirt, debris and any peeling paint or on wood chips with a power washer.

Second, pass a knife between the deck boards to remove dirt and debris. Scrub the cover with hot water and detergent using a brush and let it dry. Third, put on a protective mask and a pair of glasses and sand on the surface of your redwood deck with a drum sander. Use an edge sander to work around the perimeter of the cover. If you have to work on each message or billboards, use a hand sander.

Fourth, wash over your deck with hot water and detergent when you have finished sanding to remove sand particles. Fifth, apply a layer of primer to your terrace with a roller. Let dry and add a second layer. You must use a primer recommended by the manufacturer of the redwood deck stain that will end with your terrace. Last, apply a layer of the chosen red wood stain. Use a stain that is water repellent and offers UV protection. Add another layer when the first one has dried.