Simple Landscape Design For Your Home

Simple Landscape Ideas For Small Yards

Simple Landscape Design –  Landscape design is diverse and unique like a snowmobile, and even students who are skilled in landscape design might never see the same two. The size of the project, the land where it sits, the budget used to finance it, the skills and talents that go into design, all these things – and more – play an important role in the finished product. However, there is a constant in landscape design; principles that can be found in almost all aesthetic landscapes. If you understand these principles, then researching your landscape has a greater chance of success.

Good landscape design must include the principle of unity. Unity can be a regular theme or material or plant that is consistent throughout the design. The design that uses red bricks in one section and gray stones in the other is a design that loses the opportunity to unite the landscape with the same theme and color. Different textures and colors used in the example fail to provide a cohesive display design. Try to find themes or elements that you can repeat throughout your design. Doing so will draw your landscape design together and help you avoid temporarily incompatible designs.

Keep it easy! Simple landscape design may have only a few elements and one theme. If you try to pack too much into your design, you might move to a page that looks more like a carnival restaurant than a well-maintained oasis. Trying to do too much is the easiest way to cancel all your hard work. Limit your theme and color selection and you will be safe on the way to a good landscape design.