Specially Designed Glass Balcony Railing

Balcony Railing Glass

Glass balcony railing, shutters, trellises, gutters or walls can accommodate pots and planters. Thanks to specially designed containers. It is indeed very easy to install a floral decoration or a mini vegetable garden in a minimum of space. Flowers in a planter straddling the railing, aromatic herbs in small round pots hung on the shutters or fixed to the wall, a climber in the vat to dress the window…

Thanks to these clever containers, it is simple to decorate balcony, terrace or window sill and bring color and cheerfulness! It is a matter of determining what will be the main objective to fulfill for your garden area. For a gourmet space in which flowers and vegetables will mix, the priority will be to choose compatible plants ensuring both the nurturing aspect and the decorative aspect.

To create a relaxation area or a reading area, the priority will be to decorate a balcony or terrace so as to preserve the intimacy of the place. It is from the first function of your outdoor space that the decorative choices will be made! Plants grown in vats or planters have specific needs. Choosing large containers helps to ensure their proper development and limit watering. By combining clay balls for drainage, quality potting soil for cultivation. And moisture retaining granules for hydration, you offer ideal conditions for your plantings.