Striking And Elegant Look Landscaping Ideas For Circular Driveway

Best Driveway Ideas

Landscaping ideas for circular driveway can be confusing when it comes to choosing plants, finding out where to place them, and balancing. Properly done, both the center bed and areas around the drive can give the entrance a striking and elegant look. Before sticking plants into the soil, prepare a plan, considering the plant’s growth habits, mature size, foliage and flower color, as well as the environment offered, such as lighting conditions.

A simple way to give the central area height and style is by using large stones or rocks located in the center of the bed. Odd groupings are usually more appealing to the eye than themselves. Using three large stones strategically placed together in the middle will draw attention and provide a balanced look. Smaller stones stacked around the bottom areas will give the area even more character. When planting, fill open areas between the rocks with soil.

You can then place plants with a subsequent nature. Such as ice plant, blue blossom or petunias in the areas to trail down the rock’s sides adding color and texture. Consider outlining the outer edge along the circular low maintenance drive evergreen leaves. Such as ornamental grasses such as lirope or modo grass. Surround the rocks with shorter plants that will not grow too high