Symmetric Landscape Design Plan

Landscape Design Ideas

Landscape design plan – Symmetrical landscapes are commonly found in formal old castle or plantation gardens, world of formal gardens and landscapes found in world heritage sites. Look at these gardens for inspiration in their own symmetrical landscape design. Choose plants in multiples of two and keep the word balance in your plans to unify the design of your home landscape.

Trees are key elements of the fundamental landscape. Place them in the perimeters planted in rows or lines with enough space around full formal maturity. While the general shape of the trees can be almost identical, branching patterns vary. Maintaining a pruning and shaping regime takes on a totally balanced look over time. Space bushes duets, either as the largest trees or in the duplication of lines in the tree frame. Look for fruit trees that grow in your region.

Frown design and perennial beds in pairs with plants arranged in formal blocks. Roses, dahlias, lilies and herbs work well in formal gardens, while vines can grow too much order or concert. Decide if you want framed beds, elevated beds or berm, and choose identical shapes that work best with the rest of your landscape. Two long, rectangular beds along a central path can work, as do a series of pairs of beds around a central round element with spokes going in several directions, similar to the cardinal points.